lundi 15 mars 2010

New video iKey For iPod3G and iPh3GS

The Dev deviljailbre0k already works for some time on this dongle to restart your iPhone 3GS and iPodTouch 3G without having has to pass by a computer, it is not a fake! We work almost everything in daytime so that this dongle is born, after some attempt we succeeded has to make worked the dongle which will be called "iKey" it is another prototype but we do our best so that the dongle be small, fast and cheap!
Today "iKey" works but the restart of the device and still one can slow.

Thank you

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi,
    Do you have more info regarding your device?
    Do you have only one prototype or more?
    What are the specificities of the ikey? Battery? Can it be updated in case of new firmware?

    Without further details, it's hard not to say "This is a fake"..

  2. You would post other videos where you let us see that's not a fake!
    After Gull1hack,the iPhone's Users are not confident in new developers whose saying to have find the solution!So please make a video with F0recast and maybe we can trust you more!
    Without some REAL proof you're fake just like Gull1hack!
    A lot of people in the world are good with editing video...don't u??