mardi 30 mars 2010

New: March 30th, 2010

Hello has all, does not add us death !
For people who believes that it is a fake and ba not. We possess some iKey who works for iPhone and iPodtouch new iboot a production must be thrown but without money we cannot go far!
The price of the iKey would be 20-25 $
THE iKey possesses one girl battery has the back as well as its small screen which prevent you (DONE) when we can disconnect the iKey

We wait for your comments for then thrown a demand of gifts(donations) or not in any case is needed some money to build the device

mercredi 17 mars 2010

3- New vidéo iKey


Here is the new video showing with F0recast that the iPhone and indeed an iPhone Jailbreake 3.1.2 (tethered), In the parameters of the telephone one see that is 4 5 figures sound 06 what proves well that the iPhone and (NewiBoot).

To date the iKey advances but the restart of the iPhone and iPodTouch is still slow

New vidéo:

mardi 16 mars 2010

News March 17th, 2010

March 17th, 2010:

After day or the button ' to donate ' in was removed, sites this a little calmed sound and I hope that believed in you more in the fake! Because complaints ( Fake, some shit)Is the complaints as which we make that that for the Donations while not , whom Dev Deviljailbre0k works from day to day on 'iKey' it is not very nice.

Small question which we put us: why you give no more information about the iKey?: Then, simply that we do not mean that the iKey will go out tomorrow while it is false, we wait that the project is safe.

The price of the iKey?: we do not still know the price of the production of the product, but tomorrow or later tomorrow the price will be surement revealed

want you a translation in French?

March 16th, 2010:

Hello then I saw on some site which apparently I would have make that that for the gifts then not of the whole the proof I removed logo " to donate " I hope that we are going to believe in me now. Other subject on the "SFR" of my operators, it is very simple I have a flea SFR!

Thank you.

lundi 15 mars 2010

New video iKey For iPod3G and iPh3GS

The Dev deviljailbre0k already works for some time on this dongle to restart your iPhone 3GS and iPodTouch 3G without having has to pass by a computer, it is not a fake! We work almost everything in daytime so that this dongle is born, after some attempt we succeeded has to make worked the dongle which will be called "iKey" it is another prototype but we do our best so that the dongle be small, fast and cheap!
Today "iKey" works but the restart of the device and still one can slow.

Thank you

dimanche 14 mars 2010

iKey For iPh3GS/iPod3G

Prototype not finished!
iKey For IPod3G / iPh3GS compatible with the firmware 3.1.2

Small honorable blue bright screen which says to you ( DONE) when could you removed the iKey